Last December Greenpeace activists shocked the world when they damaged a nearly 2,000 year old world heritage site with a giant banner promoting renewable energy and the organization. Greenpeace has finally revealed the names of those responsible.

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, lawyers representing Greenpeace are driving from Lima to Nazca now to deliver the report to the Peruvian prosecutor. The report names the primary four activists responsible:

  • Wolfgang Sadik - A veteran campaigner with Greenpeace Germany and the apparent mastermind of the stunt.
  • Martin Kaiser - Responsible for all of Greenpeace’s actions at the Lima summit.
  • Isis Wiedemann - Greenpeace’s chief communications office at the summit.
  • Mauro Fernandez - A staffer with Greenpeace Argentina who acted as interpreter during the Nazca action.

Fernandez, the only activist who has made a comment to the press, expressed his "apologies to the Peruvian people and my deep and sincere regret for having been the voice of this mistaken activity." Fernandez also stated that he was not made aware Greenpeace's actions were illegal.

In December 2014, the world was outraged by Greenpeace's actions at Nazca. Peru forbids anyone from walking on the Nazca Lines (there have been a few exceptions involving special footwear that won't damage the lines). Anyone who wants to see any of Nazca's famous carvings—including a 1,500-year-old hummingbird—must fly over them.

"You walk there and the footprint is going to last hundreds or thousands of years," Luis Jaime Castillo, a Peruvian deputy culture minister told the BBC right after the incident.

About 20 other activists took part in vandalizing the site, but they have not yet been named. The government of Peru plans to press criminal charges against the Greenpeace activists who vandalized the site.

I agree wholeheartedly with the Peruvian government. Criminal charges should be levied at those who damaged the lines.

Spoof of Greenpeace's message.

In his article Greenpeace Defaces Seven More Global Monuments, Boomer took seven more famous landmarks and photoshopped in mock Greenpeace messages. Boomer intended his post satirically, but he makes an excellent point in the process. Damaging the Nazca Lines is every bit like Greenpeace spray painting the Sphynx in Egypt, or drawing a mustache on the Mona Lisa.

This is our shared human heritage and Greenpeace defaced it as a publicity stunt. I am utterly disgusted by their actions, and saddened by the damage done.