Lately, there have been a lot of different contests and ways to make money by binge-watching TV shows or movies. There is even a company in England that infects people with the coronavirus and other diseases for science and pays them. Companies have offered money to watch sappy Hallmark Christmas movies, which seems like paying someone to lose a bit of their soul. One of the best I've seen recently was Dish looking for someone to hunker down and burn through episodes of The Office. Heck, most of us have already done that without getting paid. If you haven't, then right now is a cool time to plan on it. Cable TV is looking for five people to watch a full series of a TV show. That's any TV show too. It could be one you love and watch anyways or one you've been eyeing but never got around to.

My wife and I just got caught up on Superstore, which honestly we didn't think we would like. We also watch Survivor together and other than that we watch our own shows. For my wife it would probably be Friends, Gilmore Girls, or any of the Real Housewives shows. For me it is a little more tough. I'm caught up on all my favorite shows and I don't have any bookmarked for future watching. Though, I could go back and re-watch 24, The Office, Parks and Rec, or The Mandalorian. What TV show would you binge watch for money?

The Cable TV contest is open to anyone able to work in the US, over the age of 18, and an active social media user. If you fit that bill they might pay you a bunch of bills. Dollar bills (in case that wasn't clear). The five chosen people will get paid $2,000 to watch an entire show series. Really you could pick something with decades of seasons or something like The Mandolorian with just one season. Your choice.

To apply for this perfectly timed contest while we are all stuck at home anyways, enter on the Cable TV website. While you are there you can check out their suggestions for what to watch and find out the other goodies you'll get if chosen. You can also see our choices at the bottom of this story.

That seems like easy money, but not as easy as the Workday Payday on our station. Three chances each weekday to win $1,000 with a grand prize at the end of $10,000 and to win that you just need to download our app and listen for the codes starting Monday, April 13th.

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