Craigslist / Twin Falls

When was the last time you went through your pantry? A homeowner in southwest Idaho recently did, and they are offering up a bevy of potentially noxious foods free of charge.

This December 30 post to Craigslist was shared by a Boise-area shopper who apparently has a couple dozen expired items they are attempting to unload. The items range from Jell-O to pork gravy, and will be taken out with this week's trash if no one steps up to claim this janky jackpot for themselves.

Craigslist ID 6783697595

This is a winner takes all offer. The current owner of these rotting groceries has made it clear that "no sifting" will be tolerated. In all seriousness, most canned foods are just fine to consume after the expiration date as long as there is no damage to them and they've been stored at a suitable temperature.

Any brave souls out there interested in cashing in on this spoiled submission?