If you have driven down Shoshone and downtown Twin Falls, south of downtown you have most likely seen a bridge with clothes tied around the guard rails. It is not uncommon to see scarves, caps, or gloves around the bridge. They are put there for those that need them. There is no sign-up or no need to call anyone but just there for whoever needs to stay warm in the winter. This past week I noticed something that I hadn't seen in the last few months though.

Free Coats on Singing Bridge in Twin Falls

Credit: Jeff
Credit: Jeff

While seeing gloves and scarves isn't uncommon on the Twin Falls Singing Bridge, it wasn't until the last week I noticed coats had started appearing. There aren't a ton of them but there are a few. The idea that people in the community are looking to help those in need this winter blows me away. Most people usually donate their old clothes or try to sell them on Facebook for as much as they can manage. It says a lot about a community that they take the time to tie coats, scarves, caps, and gloves to a bridge for those who need it.

Anybody Can Tie Clothes to the Bridge

For those that aren't aware, you don't have to be a part of a certain group to help out. It just takes the good people of Twin Falls helping strangers in need to put something out there. You can go tie an old or new coat or any article of clothing you want to help out those in need. The same goes for anyone that needs the clothing. It is there for the taking. Some people knit and make their own, some will buy new ones to put out and others will put out used clothes. It doesn't matter how you do it, helping those that need it to stay warm this winter is what counts.

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The next time you drive by the singing bridge this season if you notice nothing is hanging there or it seems to be getting low, then take the time to add to it and help someone in the community that needs it. One of the best parts about living in Twin is how close and generous the community is, so let's continue on the tradition and add to the bridge today. 

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