There are some pretty substantial fires burning in Idaho right now. Some have very little containment or control. Others are expected to burn well into October. The Moose Fire is nearly 100 thousand acres.

At Least 14 Fires Burning In Idaho

According to the Idaho Fire Map that gets updated regularly, there are currently 14 fires burning in Idaho. Many of them are in the central Idaho area. Some of them are as large as 100 thousand acres burned. Here are some of the bigger fires in the area.

Moose Fire Idaho

The Moose Fire near Salmon in the Salmon National Forest is, as of August 29th, 98,403 acres burned. It is only 44 percent contained. The fire began on Sunday, July 17th near the headwaters of Little Moose Creek. The cause of the fire is still under investigation but it was human-caused. The approximate containment is October 31st.

Four Corners Fire

The Four Corners Fire started on August 13th from a lightning storm. It is west of Cascade Lake and burning, as of August 30th, 12,078 acres. It is only 28 percent contained with no estimated containment date. Evacuations west of Lake Cascade have been put into effect. Boaters on the lake need to be aware that aircrafts are using the reservoir to fight the fire.

Woodtick Fire

The Woodtick Fire started on July 14th in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness. It was started by a lightning storm. As of right now, it has burned 6,063 acres. The fire is estimated to be contained on October 1st. Dry conditions are causing some issues for personnel.

Porphyry Fire

The Porphyry Fire began on August 13th from a lightning storm. As of August 29th, the fire has burned 2,436 acres of land and is 15 percent contained with no estimated containment date. It is located east of Warren. Hunters who planned on hunting in the area should have another plan just in case access is not available in the future.

Other fires burning in Idaho by name:

Norton Fire 1,925 acres, Dismal Fire 1,842 acres, Patrol Point 206 acres, Wolf Fang Fire 1,521 acres, Blackburn Fire 175 acres, Bear Gulch Fire 40 acres, Diamon Watch Fire 832 acres, Eneas Peak Fire 816 acres, Trout Fire 21 acres, Russell Mountain Fire 123 acres

There are several fires basically on top of each other in the same areas. Make sure you check the fire map before you decide to go camping this weekend.

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