After years of silence on Final Fantasy 15, Square Enix has finally begun feeding its hungry fans like a mama bird, and its latest piecemeal is a video highlighting the massive, gorgeous world players will be able to explore.

Though titled as a "gameplay trailer," this Final Fantasy 15 video doesn't show off any gameplay, per se, but rather, some of its breathtaking environments. Described as sort of a "road trip" Final Fantasy, FF 15 seems to be taking a more open approach to its world compared to the more linear stylings of Final Fantasy 13. While it's fantastic to see the lush landscapes of this new Final Fantasy, after so long in development, many fans are really clamoring to find out a bit more about the game itself.

Final Fantasy 15 began its life as Final Fantasy Versus 13, a title announced in 2006. For years, Square Enix grew quieter and quieter about the game, and it became something of a punchline to the public, until recently, where in was announced that Final Fantasy Versus 13 had become Final Fantasy 15 and that its behind-the-scenes staff had shifted dramatically to ensure the game was completed.

When the game will arrive (and whether or not it will be worth the wait), is something players will have to be patient for, as we have yet to receive word on a release date. All we do know for sure is that Final Fantasy XV will arrive for Playstation 4 and Xbox One, and that it will feature the most gorgeous hair ever rendered in a video game.

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