We took advantage of the break in the weekend weather and headed to Balance Rock Park for some kayaking. While floating the creek, I couldn't help but notice a very unique feature carved into a massive slab of Basalt.

After a quick run up to check out Balance Rock for my first time with my wife and son, we headed to the nearby park to meet others and kayak Salmon Falls Creek. There was a Boy Scout gathering taking place, and about a dozen or so tents lining the creek's edge, so it was pretty busy there.

Greg Jannetta


No one else was kayaking on Saturday to my amazement. We entered into the gently flowing creek just before 2 p.m. The six of set off towing a floating cooler of snacks and beverages. We had the creek completely to ourselves. Passing, moisture-filled clouds overhead, made it a bit on the cool side, but the rain held off.

Greg Jannetta

We floated over a mile to the point at which the rapids pick up a little, and since my wife was sharing her kayak with our three year old, we chose to run aground and get some fishing in. I couldn't take my eyes off a particular engaging rock feature that we all agreed resembled a face. It was elongated, and sort of looked cartoon-like. It reminded me of the cover illustration on Pink Floyd's 1994 album, "The Division Bell."

Have you ever noticed this rock?