Somewhat sad news, folks.  While much of last week was spent on an upswing watching show after show get officially picked up and renewed, it seems two of TV’s underrepresented mainstays are about to go gentle into that goodnight.  On the upside, at least one of the cancelled series won’t mean an end to work!

A&E has decided against ordering a ninth season of long-running bounty hunter series “Dog the Bounty Hunter,’ in spite of initial negotiations to continue the show.  TMZ was the first to report the news of the series’ demise, starring Duane “Dog” Chapman and his family business of catching criminals, believing the breakdown of negotiations to be attributed to “creative differences.”  ‘Dog’ provided a breakout hit for the network and helped cement its status as a documentary reality series home

‘Dog’ isn’t the only loss for TV this week, as Syfy has opted not to renew its eternally underdog sci-fi series ‘Sanctuary,’ which wrapped its fourth season finale back in December.  The series focused on Dr. Helen Magnus, a 157-year-old teratologist and her team of experts who run the Sanctuary, an organization that seeks out and tries to help extraordinarily-powerful creatures and people containing the more dangerous ones.

Sad news.  But, at the very least, Dog will always have his day job, and the cast of ‘Sanctuary’ will surely all return for Syfy’s next absurd B-movie.  Has anyone trademarked the name “Croctopus” yet?  How about “Zombie Tornado Sharks?”

What say you?  Which show will you miss the most?

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