If you've lived in Twin Falls long enough, you might remember that we used to have great pizza where this gas station is now located.

According to our info, Me 'n Ed's had become a Twin Falls pizza staple since opening in the mid 60's and if you lived here between then and the late 80's, you were lucky enough to have eaten there. They had bench-style seating, an awesome salad bar, and one of the best pizza crusts in Twin. If you like thin and crispy, this was the place to be.

A few of us were talking and we had the old location narrowed it down to somewhere on Blue Lakes in front of Fred Meyer. (At the time, Freddy's was the Blue Lakes Mall.)

We found Me 'n Ed's address and it looks like it used to be just about where the Gas Station at Fred Meyer is now located. That seems about right because I remember that it was next to the mall but I don't think it was attached.

What I do know is they had great pizza, and my family and I went there more Friday nights than I can count.

Can you remember any other great pizza places in Twin that have long since closed? Leave a comment and we'll see if we can dig up some history on those as well.

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