What you see in this video was one of my biggest worries when I visited Yellowstone National Park a few years ago. Sure, I was worried about wolves and bears and accidentally walked up to one on a trail, but I really feared getting stuck in a bison traffic jam and having them attack my car.

Bison Herd Wrecks Car

Last week, there was a video posted online that shows two cars on a snow-covered road. Between the two cars, you can see a small herd of bison. The massive animals seem confused about where to go and as you see in the video, a confused bison is a dangerous bison.

As the man is filming the bison you can hear them breathing and the snow crunching under their feet as they assess the best way to get around the blockade of cars. The sight is actually ominous as you can only see the silhouettes of the animals as they pass in front of the oncoming car. It doesn’t take much time before they decide that the best way out of the situation is up and over one of the cars. The snow crunch quickly turns to the sound of crunching metal.

What Happens If A Bison Walks Over Your Car

At the end of the video, you can see that the bison really did go over the car. The windshield is smashed and the car is dented. The driver sounds surprised that they destroyed his car and equally surprised that they actually went over his car instead of around it.

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The video was filmed in Delta Junction, Alaska, and posted to the YouTube channel of Kurt Schmidt.

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