You can never start them too young. There's a new video share showing a little girl pulling her horse with a toy vehicle.

This is a heaping helping of cuteness right here.

According to the video description, this little girl is Arizona and her horse is named 'Hombre'. Great name for a horse if you don't have one of your own, by the way. She's driving her mini-vehicle that has a custom-built Gooseneck trailer. When I was a kid, a custom Gooseneck trailer was never an option so she must be living right. The big boy versions of these aren't free so I imagine her parents must have thrown down a decent chunk of change to make this happen.

Just goes to show a couple things. If you want something done right, get a cowgirl to do it and you can never start a cowgirl too young. It's like we always say the world needs more cowboys (and cowgirls).

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