When the pandemic started last year, none of us knew what to expect. We knew it was a scary situation and that millions of people were getting sick and thousands were dying from some new virus. So we social distanced ourselves, shut down countries, used massive amounts of soap and hand sanitizer, and masks became a part of our wardrobe. There was also a group of people who were not only worried about the human race but also our missing link. Sasquatch.

Last year I wrote about an article from Vice and they had talked with people who were very worried that Bigfoot would become a casualty of the coronavirus if we (the human race) didn't mask up and social distance. Well, good news: Bigfoot was just spotted in California. So either he's fine or it was actually on of the Kardashians mistaken for the elusive monster.

BroBible says a Bigfoot sighting was reported near the California coast by a town called Garberville. The report came from a law enforcement officer who saw the Bigfoot on the side of the highway. The Bigfoot Field Research Organization followed up on the report and the whole story can be found on their site.

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We know Bigfoot is a roamer and he's been spotted all over the world, but Idaho has always been a hot spot for sightings. He must have headed to California for a vacation.

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