Cortana looks like she won't be simply staying with Windows Phones, which, for Halo fans, is probably some exciting news.

Business Insider reports that last week Microsoft had a meeting with some journalists and analysts to discuss the virtual personal assistant Cortana and all of its uses. In this meeting, it was revealed that Cortana, which was originally designed for use purely on Windows phones, has an ability to work on more than just a few simple tasks.

When asked if Cortana would eventually expand to other operating system, Microsoft's chief experience officer, Julie Larson-Green, said, "The short answer is, yeah." While Larson-Green refused to expand on what she meant by that, it is obvious that Microsoft isn't afraid to bring their programs to rival software. Case in point: Office for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Speaking of Office, does anyone remember the helpful little paperclip that used to dance around while you did your homework or put together an email? It seems like Microsoft is aiming for Cortana to take its place within Office 365 as well as other products. What does this mean for you? It means that you can talk to your computer. I don't know if Cortana is as cute as Paperclip, but she seems a bit more intuitive.

All we can say for now is to look out for Cortana on the Office 365 platform, as well as iOS and Android. We don't know when it will happen, but it seems like it will be soon.