Researchers have found that galaxies are losing energy at a an alarming rate, and confirmed that the Universe is dying.

Not to worry thought, this isn't another 2012-style doomsday prophecy, and the Universe isn't ending Tuesday. This process, which could take billions of years, will see all the energy in the universe eventually dissipate into nothingness.

The study, presented today (Aug. 10, 2015), has surveyed 200,000 galaxies and found they had lost half their energy in just the last two billion years. As the expansion of the universe continues to accelerate, things will become so spread out so far that they will no longer interact with each other.

At the end of all things, anyone standing on the Earth could look up into an inky black night sky as all the lights have gone out and no stars are visible anymore. Even our own.

But way before that takes place, in billions of years, Earth will be consumed by the Sun when it expands into a red giant, leaving our planet a barren and inhospitable world devoid of life. So we'll be gone long before the Universe is.

So the Universe won't collapse or explode, it will simply diminish as it continues to grow old and eventually dissipate into nothing.

One day it will all be gone. Even the sky.

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