Idaho State Police had a busy day on August 15th. They were assisted by Valley County Sheriff’s Office with a serious collision involving three vehicles. The pileup was located on Highway 55 near milepost 98 and stopped traffic for several hours beginning around 3:30 PM. Travelers were required to find alternate routes and adjust plans while the road was cleared.

Upon arrival, troopers discovered a three-vehicle collision involving a car, a semi-truck loaded with sand, and a pickup truck pulling a trailered boat. The semi-truck rolled and is partially hanging over the embankment. The driver of the pickup was transported to a hospital by air ambulance with injuries.

The collision is still under investigation at this time.

100 Deadliest Days Not Over Yet and Young Drivers Need to Be Aware

Drivers are reminded that this accident adds to the increasing tally during the ‘100 Deadliest Days’. The period of time between Memorial Day and Labor Day is when one-third of the most serious accidents happen on the road.

With travelers driving to and from vacation destinations, some are driving on unfamiliar roads and in rental vehicles. Motorists are implored to pay close attention to speed and traffic signs in unfamiliar territory.

Aggressive driving is another cause of many of these accidents. ISP asks that drivers remember the dangers of aggressive driving. Aggressive driving includes speeding, weaving in and out of traffic, and tailgating among others.

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If drivers are involved in an accident, they are asked to get to a safe place away from moving traffic, get medical assistance if people are hurt, and call the police even for minor accidents.

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