If it's a romantic winter Idaho outdoor adventure you seek with your other half, then do I have the place for you. You'll likely need a truck to reach this unreal, one-of-a-kind cliffside hot spring, but the view should be worth it all by itself.

As the weather begins to get colder and the threat of losing that remaining yearly vacation time looms in your mind, taking off for an extended weekend to relax and warm the body and soul might be just what you need. I came across a recent YouTube video tour of a region of the Gem State located just a couple of hours north of Twin Falls that blew my mind.

The small, rural area known as Lowman, Idaho, is 190-miles northwest of Twin Falls, and is an area of the state I have yet to explore for myself. The best route to get there is to drive through Boise, and head 75-miles northwest on Highway 55. If you stay the course, you will eventually arrive at Pine Flats Hot Spring, which is located in a beautiful, wooded area along the river. I would classify this hot spring as an ideal couples adventure.

The hot spring itself could fit four comfortably, but two would be even better. A bottle of champagne should be included on this excursion. When it comes to romance, I'm no Al Bundy (or Ted for that matter), but I can certainly identify and admire natural landmarks that offer an ideal setting best suited for those who share an intimate bond.

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