Interplay is remaking a 22-year-old classic with a revamped version of ClayFighter.

ClayFighter originally came out in 1993 and had some pretty memorable characters, including Bad Mr. Frosty and Ickybod Clay. Now, Interplay has decided to remake it so that players can revel in all of the clay-mated beauty that current technology affords us when the remastered version of ClayFighter debuts for PC, VG247 reports.

The game will have all your favorite characters from the original, but will also include many more - the total will amount to 20 characters such as Blue Suede Goo, Earthworm Jim, Hoppy, Boogerman and Tiny. There will also be 20 arenas for you to fight on, pitting your best fighting moves against other equally interesting characters. The game will also bring in new gameplay options such as double jumping, air dashing, counters and reversals. Each character will also be getting unique supers and 'Claytality' moves, which sounds pretty awesome. All of this, coupled with completely remastered audio and the high resolution visuals, makes this remake exactly what it should be.

Since the original ClayFighter was released for the SNES in 1993, it won't be hard to improve the game. However, the key to remaking games that are preserved in people's minds is often a mystery. Developers must stay true to the spirit of the original while making everything captivating based on modern standards. The only thing that we can hope for with this new game is that it will keep all the things that the fans have loved about the series, while giving it the benefits of PC gaming's current technology.

The ClayFighter remake is set to release for PC in 2016 so you might want to pull out the original game or find it on the Virtual Console to get in some practice.