We all have that one friend, maybe 20 friends, maybe it's you, who wears yoga pants all day every day. We don't judge. Yoga pants are fantastic. So we found some yoga pants that are great for both working out and going to the grocery store.

I absolutely love yoga pants. If I could get away with wearing them to work every day I totally would. People who say yoga pants aren't everyday pants have never truly lived. The mobility and comfort that yoga pants are unmatched by regular denim jeans or slacks. Treat yourself, wear the yoga pants.

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    Yoga Pants With Pockets

    I am not sure whose idea it was to make women's pants without pockets or with fake pockets but they need a good talking to. Yoga pants with pockets are life changing. Hold your phone or your keys while working out, or if you don't feel like carrying your purse everywhere.

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    Yoga Slacks

    Yes, yoga slacks are a thing and they are amazing. Wear yoga pants to the office and no one can tell the difference. Stay comfortable and look professional. They go with everything.

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    Loose Fit Draw String Pants


    ">looser fit yoga pants are great for pretty much any setting that does not require business attire. Honestly, these are what I will be wearing for Thanksgiving dinner. Loosened slacks that I can tighten or loosen for my food baby. Easy to go to the store with because they are actually an attractive fit.

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    Jean-like yoga pants

    Some yoga pants look like they could pass as jeans. These are perfect for pretty much anything on your to-do list. They have pockets and seams.

  • 5

    Straight leg yoga pants

    Sometimes you just don't want pants to be tight from hip to ankle. I personally prefer the ones that widen at the ankle it is easier to find shoes to wear that don't have to be tennis shoes. You can dress them up with a nicer shoe and a blouse or lounge around the house in all the comfort.

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