Chely Wright has revealed that the identical twins she is carrying are little boys. Wright admitted the gender of her babies on 'Say Anything' on Current TV. Guest host Howard Bragman joked that they will be little cowboys.

Wright said she gained 30 pounds over the course of her pregnancy, yet she looks remarkably slender despite having not one but two babies in her belly. During the chat, she was noshing on French fries. A pregnant woman's gotta eat whenever she wants and in Wright's case, she's eating for three.

Wright admitted that fries and Dunkin' Donuts fare have comprised the bulk of her pregnancy cravings, so she is enjoying some tasty junk food treats as the babies grow in her tummy.

When Bragman asked what kind of babies she was expecting, Wright tried to play coy, asking "What do you mean, 'What kind of babies? They're humans." Then she revealed that they are little boys in her belly!

Wright is due to give birth in July, but she expects the boys to arrive a bit early, as identical twin births often come sooner than their due date. It'll be double the boy joy this summer.

The boys will be Wright's first children with wife Lauren Blitzer, whom she married in Connecticut in 2011.

Now if only Chely would reveal what they plan to name their bundles of joy…

Watch Chely Wright Talk About Her Twins

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