I am not sure if anyone can change my mind, I really enjoy the wings from Scooter's. We have a few options for wings as well but I think Scooter's are the best. And if you disagree with me I want to know which place is better.

It is National Wing Day, July 1st, and I want to go celebrate by going to Scooter's. I have no idea where they get their wings but they are huge. I haven't found a restaurant that has wings even remotely close to the size of the ones at Scooter's.

Scooter's also I think has some of the best sauces. Their raspberry chipotle barbecue sauce is my favorite thing on the planet. Plus if you have had their parmesan garlic fries, they make wings out of that same sauce so you know it is amazing. At least I love it and I haven't found anything close to what they have to offer.

And I am not sure how they cook their wings but whatever they do is the texture that I love. Slightly crispy on the outside, but not too crispy and tender on the inside. I am slightly ashamed to say this but Scooter's is one of the few places that I can think of that I do not prefer boneless wings, otherwise known as adult chicken nuggets.

Now I need to head to Scooter's. If I am wrong please tell me where else is better.

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