There is a national day for pretty much everything. Today though, is National Cheese Day! And Idaho is a great place to celebrate it! Idaho is the third largest state manufacturing cheese in the U.S. So here are the best ways to celebrate.

1.) Head downtown Twin Falls to taste test at Glanbia's market. It is the only non-commercial store that you can get Glanbia from and they have such a huge variety! Cheese curds, lots of awesome flavors and free samples!

2.) Head to Anchor: Bistro and Bar for their delicious pretzels and beer cheese! These pretzels are the size of your head!

3.) Go to Culver's for their deep fried cheese curds that are absolutely DELICIOUS!

4.) Nothing beats a good homemade grilled cheese sandwich filled with any of your favorite cheeses!

5.) Get an extra cheesy pizza, lasagna, or pretty much any Italian food from Maxie's or Tomatoes!

Idaho is the third largest manufacturer of cheese in the country. We have some awesome cheese at our disposal and it's high quality. We only talk about the important things here. What is better than cheese?

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