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Vandals Destroy Twin Falls Love Lock Fence...Again
The Love Lock Fence has been by the canyon rim trail for a while now, and it has also been vandalized several times since I have lived here. It was replaced by a sturdier fence recently but that apparently hasn't stopped the vandals.
Help Build Bikes For Twin Falls Youth
Tuesday October 20th you can give back to the community and help build bikes for Twin Falls youth who otherwise may not have one. No experience building bikes necessary, big hearts required.
Twin Falls Slogans If Written By Gen Z-ers
Every generation has their own slang. Sure things like groovy and dope might not be in anymore, but at least we all knew what they meant. Gen Z has their own slang and if they wrote some slogans for Twin Falls they would sound a little something like this.
12 Most Underrated Restaurants In Twin Falls
There are so many amazing options in Twin Falls, some of the restaurants get a little overlooked even though they are amazing. So we compiled a list of the most underrated restaurants in Twin Falls based on listener feedback.

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