Seve Isaacs

The theatre department at Canyon Ridge High School  is just days away from opening night of its upcoming production of a 1990s off-Broadway play about a couple who adopts a rather unique dog.

The department, headed by seventh year instructor Seve Isaacs, is performing "Sylvia," which originally starred Sarah Jessica Parker when the play began an off-Broadway run in 1995. The story centers around a man and woman who adopt a talking dog with a rather polluted vocabulary.

"Rehearsals are going very well," said Seve Isaacs, in a brief email interview. "We've got a great cast of veteran student actors who are exploring a new method of staging theatre, and they're responding to it really well."

A few of the cast members got together earlier in the week and sent actress Sarah Jessica Parker an invite via Instagram. They also went to Ellen DeGeneres' website to spread the word, just on the off chance they'd get a response. I asked Isaacs if he was aware of this.

Seve Isaacs

"My students told me after they did it. I think it's funny and kinda cool, but also pretty ballsy," said Isaacs. "After all, they haven't yet said they wouldn't come."

Isaacs first learned of the play when he was attending high school, and found it to be hilarious.

"It has always been in the back of my mind as being an option here. We read the script as a class last semester and everyone seemed to enjoy it, so we ran with it," said Isaacs.

The language will of course be edited for all shows, making it appropriate for all ages. Sylvia opens February 7 at the Canyon Ridge High School theater, and runs two consecutive weeks, Thursday through Saturday.

For a list of the crew and cast involved in the production, see below.

Seve Isaacs