There are many places to eat in California. The three biggest cities, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego are all known to be some of the best-eating cities in the country. It can often be tough picking a place to eat. It doesn't matter if you are visiting and want to try places for the first time, or live there and eat the food every day, with so many choices it can be tough to decide. One thing for locals that plays a major factor is a restaurant you can trust. When it comes to restaurants in California, which ones are the most trustworthy, and which ones might be a little bit more questionable? 

Most Trustworthy Restaurant in California

Credit: Mishaal Zahed on Unsplash
Credit: Mishaal Zahed on Unsplash

While California offers great local restaurants, many people prefer to still stick with chains, and one recent survey asked who most people thought was the most trustworthy restaurant, and the answers were a little surprising. According to the survey, Pizza Hut is the most trustworthy restaurant in California, with KFC being second, and McDonald's being third. California is home to all of these chains, with many locations. They likely have so many, because customers trust them, and want them nearby. They all are consistent in their service, their food, and if you have had a bad experience at one, you likely didn't have one the next trip. 

The Least Trustworthy Restaurant in California

Credit: Doris Morgan on Unsplash
Credit: Doris Morgan on Unsplash

When it came to the opposite end of the spectrum, the two restaurants that most trusted the least were Chipotle and Sonic. Sonic is still relatively new to the West Coast, and it may take time to build trust. Chipotle is surprising, with many Californians enjoying the popular chain. When asked what customers look for in a trustworthy place to eat, many responded with, delivers as promised, open to feedback, pricing transparency, consistency, and easy to use the website, along with other reasons. 

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To see the full survey, make sure to click the link above. The next time you go out to eat in California, how much of a factor is trust in your decision on where to go? If you have had a bad experience at a place, you likely haven't been back since or went a while without giving it a try. It is important to trust the place making your food, and once that trust is built, there is a reason you return over and over again. 

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