Sad news: Bull the Camel, the star of the South Hills Christmas Lights, has passed away.

Bull was a fixture in many Magic Valley residents' holidays, starring yearly in the South Hills Christmas Lights outside of Hansen, Idaho. Born on March 5th, 1999 in Bowdle, South Dakota, Bull was owned by Jeff Shriver. He passed away on October 14th, 2014.

During Bull's fifteen years on Earth, the gentle giant brought many, many smiles to children of all ages with his "wet carrot breath kisses." He was a fixture of the annual South Hills Christmas Lights and seemed to love the crowds that would gather around him and offer a seemingly unlimited supply of carrots.

But it was the little kids Bull loved the most. He was always calm, and always tender with them. As they tentatively held out their little hand with a carrot stick, Bull would always pause for a moment to let the once scared child pet his fuzzy head. He seemed to instinctively know how to calm down and fascinate little ones all at the same time.

Bull the Camel was definitely one-of-a-kind. He will be sadly missed.