#NebekerStrong. The Buhl Firefighter who was struck while driving his motorcycle and spent months in the hospital, has returned home. For a long time it was unclear if Jared was even going to survive, now he is home recovering with his loving family.

We have been following Jared Nebeker's story from the beginning. He has had multiple surgeries, he had his leg amputated, he has had physical therapy, and now he is home. He still has a long way to go to make a full recovery, but he is well enough to grow where he is comfortable, with his family.

Their house has mostly been remodeled to help with the struggles that are undoubtedly still in front of him. The most amazing thing, however, is that after all of this, he has still found a way to smile.

If you want to support his journey further, some people are providing meals for the family, others are helping with monetary donations. They also ask that no matter what you can or cannot do, could you please continue to pray for Jared and his family.

If you know Jared personally, there are ways you can visit him. You have to get in contact with his wife to set up dates and times. They do request that visits are no longer than 30 minutes and no more than two people at a time. It can still be very overwhelming for him and he may not remember everyone.

The Buhl Fire Department Facebook page also shared his photo and more information on how you can go further in support for Jared and his family.

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