I know, blasphemy! Movie theater popcorn is by far the best popcorn. Movies and popcorn go together like peanut butter and jelly. Before you get all outraged, hear me out. These buckets of food would do well in a movie theater and make you forget all about the popcorn.


  • 1

    Buckets Of French Fries

    Don't lie, you would love a giant bucket of french fries with your movie. Make sure there are plenty of tubs of fry sauce, maybe even add the option of chili and cheese and it would put popcorn out of business.

  • 2

    Popcorn Chicken

    It's almost like this was meant to be. It has popcorn in the name for crying out loud! You would devour buckets of popcorn chicken with all the dipping sauces.

  • 3

    Buckets Of Garlic Knots

    The perfect shape and size for munching, garlic knots are delicious. If we can get away with chips and cheese we can definitely get away with bread and marinara. Plus think how delicious the movie theater would smell.

  • 4

    Buckets Of Donut Holes

    Again, the perfect shape and size for snacking. If savory isn't really your thing but sharing is, a big bucket of donut holes would make everyone happy. Plus, there is no crunch so you don't have to strategically time your chewing around the movie.

  • 5

    Buckets of Bacon

    Honestly, it's bacon, I rest my case. Everyone loves bacon, it can even come in different flavors and dipping sauces because...bacon. The movie theater would smell so much better than the toddler sitting next to you in desperate need of a diaper change.

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