It is certainly an emotional time for everyone right now, thanks to the ongoing pandemic. However, Brad Paisley just went and got us even more emotional with his charitable gesture to a farmer just looking for a break.

As part of the new Amazon docuseries Regular Heroes, the “No I in Beer” hitmaker is seen FaceTiming a man by the name of Daniel Hayden, who owns a cattle and chicken farm in Kentucky. Hayden and his wife Danielle are already visibly shocked being on the line with one of country music’s biggest stars — but they soon realize that this is just the beginning. The singer has a bunch of surprises in store for them!

First, Paisley asks for the couple to go out on their porch. There, they discover that they have received a year’s supply of N95 masks that they and their team can use to keep themselves healthy while working on the farm.

Next, they open a box which, contains two matching belt buckles with “Hayden Farms’ emblazoned on them.

And then...they received the biggest surprise of all. Paisley informs the couple, who have been trying to have a baby, that they will be given financial assistance for infertility treatments.

“That means the world to us," Hayden says, while holding back tears. "That is our number one priority — passing it on to the next generation … We've had trouble with that for a while."

“We need more people like you," Paisley replied. “So, we are going to try to help you make them.”

Regular Heroes began airing on May 8 on Prime Video and will continue releasing new episodes every Friday through July 3. Thus far, the program has featured celebrities including Nick Jonas, Alicia Keys and Kevin Hart, all trying to help individuals cope with struggles through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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