On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!,' the late night TV host makes celebrities read mean tweets that regular people have sent out into the Twitterverse about them. This particular batch of nasty, 140-characters-or-less transmissions included country music's own Brad Paisley and Kid Rock.

The tweet about Paisley was extra mean, filled with lots of "f" bombs and bleeps. Paisley certainly had a sense of humor about it -- which is pretty much par for the course with the superstar, known for his love of pranking tourmates. He offered up a crooked smirk as he read the tweet, and the look on his face was priceless, to say nothing of hilarious.

Kid Rock's personal odor was in question in the tweet sent his direction, and he had an answer for it, which was pretty hysterical, as well.

It's always refreshing when celebs have a sense of humor about themselves, as clearly, Paisley and Kid Rock do! Jessica Alba, Russell Brand, Andy Samberg and more also read mean tweets, so it wasn't just country acts getting picked on.

It just goes to show you that what you send out into the digital universe may very well end up in front of a celeb, so be careful what you tweet.