We’ve seen the price of gas rise considerably over the last year and a half.  We’re now experiencing some of the highest prices we’ve seen since three summers ago.  And we’re not likely quite yet done.  The price per barrel of oil could rise by another 25 dollars.  The outcome would put us in the neighborhood of 100 dollars a barrel.

What’s the cause?  A supply crunch in the United States.  Check out this link for some details.

Is it Joe Biden’s fault?  The short answer is partly.

Americans are driving much more since the lockdowns of spring last year.  Thousands upon thousands have also returned to work in recent months, having in some cases spent more than a full year working from home.

Where the President enters the picture is through his efforts to steer the country away from what are labeled fossil fuels.  When he canceled the Keystone XL Pipeline on Inauguration Day, he signaled hostility when it comes to the oil industry.  Domestic production has also tapered off as he’s moved to restrict drilling approved by his predecessor.  Which had made the United States energy independent for the first time in half a century, although.  There may be limits to Biden’s actions according to one recent court ruling.

Still, four dollars a gallon for gasoline in Idaho isn’t completely out of the question.  It could be here long before the end of the year.

Factor in inflation for other goods and services and a lot of people are going to realize they’re worse off than one year ago.  And that was during the frightening times associated with the so-called pandemic.

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