BOISE, Idaho (KLIX)-People enjoying the warm weather out in the Idaho forests are being reminded to not dam up natural flowing streams. In post on social media the U.S. Forest Service-Boise National Forest issued a reminder to people enjoying the many streams to not dam them and disrupt the natural flow. "Though it may seem harmless to create a mini-swimming pool near your campsite or local hang, these are actually detrimental the functioning of this water feature. These dams change the flow of the stream, affecting natural conditions for the wildlife calling it home," says the Forest Service. The best mindset to have while in the forest is to Leave No Trace and leave things as they are. The Forest Service noted that there are plenty of swimming holes around the state to enjoy without having to make your own. People who come across a man made dam can help by dismantling it carefully by starting from the top of the structure and work your way down. The method will help keep sediment from being disturbed that have settled behind the dam.

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