Everyone who travels through the Boise Airport is going to love to hear that they just received a $5.3 million federal grant that will go toward improving runway taxi lanes and other projects.

The details were first laid out by our friends at KTVB, detailing how specifically the runway taxi lanes will get wider, and improvements will be made to the apron where airplanes park when they are not in use.

Last year the airport received a $4.1 million grant but this year it increased to $5.3 million due to the size of the airport, and the amount of people purchasing flights which have been increasing.

In 2018 passenger records were once again crushed with almost 4 million people passing through the airport.

This grant money is typically used for various maintenance projects and general upkeep. Other improvements that are coming to the airport include additional parking garages and upgrading concourses. Which sounds fantastic to this passenger!

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