This is great news for all travelers in and out of the Boise airport as they have expanded the TSA lanes. Our friends at KTVB were quick to report the details about the sixth lane being added to the security checkpoint within the Boise airport.

The added lane is all about making the the process go faster. The Boise Airport Director, Rebecca Hupp said, "In the past five years, passenger traffic has increased by 50 percent. With that in mind, they are trying to be proactive in addressing growth before it creates problems."

A quarter of all daily traffic out of the airport is in the morning hours, and during that time is when the added lane is truly needed the most. The new lane will initally operate between 4:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m.

When I was taking my nephew to the airport this past weekend I noticed the TSA changes. This change also made the TSA Pre-check lane all the way to the right, when previously it had been all the way to the left when approaching the TSA area. Just make sure you get in the correct lane on your next trip to the airport.

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