What you binge watch on Netflix or Amazon or whatever service you use, it can tell a lot about you and it can teach us some valuable lessons. For one, those who enjoy watching murder mystery shows are quite possibly learning how to get away with murder. That teaches us to stay on their good side.

You have to laugh every once in a while or we will all go stir crazy.

A few years ago, a little girl ended up saving her little brother because she learned how to do the Heimlich maneuver while watching Spongebob Squarepants.

You will also learn that man, you really aren't as crazy as you thought because there is a level of crazy out there that you never knew existed. Case in point "Tiger King". You're welcome.

You will also learn that you aren't nearly as smart as you thought you were. If you think about it, the McDonald's scam revolving the Monopoly game lasted 10 years before they stumbled across the fraud. Some people are just insanely intelligent and don't know how to use their super powers for good.

If you are just starting to watch Game of Thrones and binge watching that, you are going to learn why everyone hated season 8 and be disappointed like all the other fans. Good luck with that one.

While binge watching with family you will definitely learn who NOT to watch shows with. You know there is always that one in the family who talks too much while watching movies or shows, and the one who can't get off their phone and is distracting.

It's all going to be ok. We can get through this.

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