It is difficult to eat in an unfamiliar town. If you don’t know anyone you trust to offer advice, how do you know what places have good food, or service, or are prone to food poisoning? The internet offers an answer.

Recently, there was an article from Stacker about hamburgers in Twin Falls. It is a list determined by Yelp reviews to direct hungry denizens to the best burger in Twin Falls. Here’s the lowdown listed from lowest to highest rated.

#9 - Dairy Queen
#8 - Arctic Circle
#7 - Burger Stop
#6 - The GR
#5 - Shake Out
#4 - Anchor Bistro Bar
#3 - The Twin Falls Sandwich Company
#2 - Norm’s Cafe
#1 - Scooter’s Chillin-N-Grillin’

How should the resident Twin Falls diner feel about this list? Do we non-Yelp reviewers agree?

Do Yelp Reviewers Have Too Much Power Over Food in Twin Falls?

The downside is that Yelp offers opinions, but should you trust the source? What about when Yelp reviewers turn into internet trolls? What if the person who posted the review is having a bad day and needs an outlet? What if they have a cold and can’t taste anything well? Who reviews the reviewers?

Maybe having outsiders come in and give an honest opinion is a good idea. These people aren't swayed by knowing the staff or owner. They operate entirely on first impressions and experiences alone. No emotional involvement.

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Does the restaurant you are thinking to try next seem sketchy? Look at Yelp. It could be the outside is not where the owners choose to invest their time and money, but the food is amazing. Perhaps a hidden gem to avoid a lackluster franchise ‘acceptable’ meal while visiting a new area.

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