Idaho is known for reporting everything odd we see in the sky. A recent article told us that Idaho has more UFO sightings per capita than any other state. We reported nearly 170 unidentified objects in the sky in just the first six months of 2020. For comparison - we only had about 100 reports in the entire year of 2019. Over the next few weeks we should be able to see a space phenomenon that is explainable though. An ice comet has recently finished a trip around the sun and that is making for a beautiful show in the sky. When the comet rounded the sun it began melting and that moisture and released gas is what makes the tail of a comet so magnificent. This specific comet is called NEOWISE, named after the telescope that spotted it, but the technical label for the ice comet is C/2020 F3.

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NEOWISE has been visible to the naked eye for short periods in the Northern Hemisphere, according to the Scientific American, an hour before sunrise on the northeastern horizon. That will change starting on July 12th, 2020 when the comet will also be visible in the evening hours in the northwestern sky. As the month progresses, the comet will be visible higher in the sky near the Big Dipper, peaking around July 22nd. That is if the comet still exists when it arrives. Scientists are worried that the closeness at which the comet passed the sun may have been too much for the ice and it may disintegrate before mid month.

That will at least explain one of the night sky surprises this month. But there will no doubt be more UFO sightings. I believe there is a reason for more reports this year and that reason is SpaceX. This grid pattern of lights in the sky looks very unnatural and when they release the satellites it is straight up crazy looking.

The latest UFO reported in Idaho was a shiny balloon shaped orb over Nampa, but my favorite report this year, and maybe ever, reportedly happened over Pocatello last month.

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