It's horrible to think about but some people have Valentine's Day scams set up just hoping to make you their next victim. KIVI was recently talking to Rebecca Barr from the BBB and offering up some tips to make sure you don't get scammed before the romantic holiday later this week.

There are two big things to remember when shopping online for your Valentine's Day gifts, here is exactly what Rebecca had to say:

"First, be sure to research the seller. Whether you are shopping online or going into a actual store. Look them up online and read reviews. You can go to and see what their business profile says. In the end, just make sure you know who you are doing business with. Second, avoid making last minute purchases. When you give yourself enough time to shop, you can in some cases get a better deal and feel more confident about your purchase,"

It's almost mind-boggling that 2,000-3,000 complaints come in each year about florists alone. This is another reminder of why you want to shop locally, use someone that has a shop near by so you know it's not a scam.

Another reminder might seem obvious, but during this romantic week keep an eye on increased online/social media scams of people wanting to be romantic then ask for money. It happens every year and there are always new victims, just be careful so it doesn't happen to you.

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