Many campers look for an off-the-grid experience once in a while. Sometimes, a place to park with a few neighbors, running water, and an electrical hookup is more fitting. Enter the Kampgrounds of America (KOA).

What kind of camper are you? There are different types of campgrounds to experience.

  • Journey campgrounds have pull-through RV sites with 50-amp service, tent sites, and after-hours check-in service.
  • Holiday campgrounds feature RV sites with a patio, cabins with baths, tent sites, and facilities for group meetings.
  • Resort campgrounds boast RV with patio sites, cabins with baths and linens, tent sites, a pool, and both indoor and outdoor facilities.

All these also have an option of utilizing KampK9. It’s a special fenced area to let dogs hang out off-leash. These come complete with fresh water and cleanup stations. Swanky.


All those amenities mean plenty of work for the campground to keep track of. There are very high standards set for the grounds, but also standards for excellent customer service scores from guests. Put all the factors together and it becomes the KOA President’s Award.

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With more than 500 KOA campgrounds in North America, the competition is big. On November 16th, the distinction of the KOA President’s Award was bestowed upon our own Twin Falls/Jerome KOA Holiday campground. Good to know our guys do good work.


Now, there’s a place nearby for family and friends to stay that’s won a MAJOR AWARD. Hopefully, now that they’ve become famous, we can still get in.

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