Rest assured that if there is a bad idea for a gift, I will be the one to give it. Rarely have I been able to see the joy in someone’s face after finding the best surprise ever. So, what would constitute a bad idea for a Valentine's gift?

What Would Be A Bad Gift For Valentine’s Day?

If you like seeing your special someone in lingerie or would like to begin doing so, DO NOT buy it for them. That is a gift they wear for you, therefore, you would be giving a gift to yourself. Let them make that gesture. Then, the right size is never a concern.

Flowers and chocolate are played out. Unless there is something innately personal involved in the type of flower or chocolate ordered from some faraway land that has a special story behind it. Perhaps if the chocolate had been hand-made by Willy Wonka himself and shaped into the shape of a flower, that could be considered an exception.

Think of What Makes Your Special Someone Smile

Thinking about what makes your sweetheart happy will make all the difference. Maybe they are an amateur chef and a full set of steak knives shows how much you pay attention to what they love. Perhaps your relationship was kindled during a hunting trip and a mounted elk head is entirely understandable.

Perhaps, the two of you met at an archery competition. That is a story to tell the grandkids about. Do not begrudge the thought of a crossbow and candy hearts as the most thoughtful gift for that very special someone. Don't let the nay-sayers get you down. This may be the perfect combination of sweet and sassy.

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Just think ahead of what your partner would like, not what you would like to get them. For Valentine’s Day, it really is the thought that counts.

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