More and more grocery stores are offering a service for people to order what they need online then schedule a pick up date. The employees of the grocery store will put it in your car for you. If you want to avoid all the crazy holiday lines there is another way to order online.

Amazon pantry offers a ton of different food and nonperishable items that get delivered directly to your door. If you have Amazon Prime you can get free delivery on pantry orders if you spend more than $35. Plus it is a great way to avoid the craziness of grocery stores this time of year.

Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner, I had to know if all the essentials were available to order. Many of them are. This can be perfect for those items you didn't pick up but need before Thanksgiving. Just remember it takes a day at least to get to you.

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  • 1


    Not sure how you could forget to grab stuffing but if you did, it is available on Amazon pantry.

  • 2

    Pumpkin Puree

    Last minute someone asks you to make your pumpkin pie and you weren't prepared for it? Good news, you can also get it on Amazon pantry.

  • 3

    Green Beans

    The one person in the family that loves green bean casserole last RSVP'd to dinner. Definitely going to need these green beans.

  • 4

    Cream of Mushroom soup

    I don't cook much for Thanksgiving, but I always see empty cans of cream of mushroom soup while cleaning up. It can add some flavor to several dishes

  • 5

    Pie Crust

    You miscounted how many pies you needed to make. Uh oh, if it can wait a few days this is always a good option.

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