Accounting can seem like a minefield full of complicated lingo and confusing rules, especially if you are busy with your job and family or running a business. #AskDave is here to answer your pressing accounting and tax questions — and hopefully make the whole endeavor seem less complicated.

Dave Wendell, of Elite Accounting, built a full-service accounting firm while managing another business and earning a bachelor's in accounting from DeVry University and an MBA from Keller Graduate school of management. Based in downtown Twin Falls, he's committed to helping his clients reach their personal and professional goals.

In this installment of #AskDave, he tackles a paperwork question: Why should I e-file?

E-filing makes the process easier for you and easier for the IRS. E-filing is designed to catch errors and stay up to date on the newest tax rules and requirements, something a piece of paper just cannot do. The IRS also touts E-filing as being safe, secure, convenient, and in some cases, even free.

You will have your refund in your hands quicker, too! The IRS reports a backlog of over 6 million unprocessed returns, many dating back to April 2021, and the extra work involved in processing paper returns largely contributed to that. As described here, the IRS is working to reduce the impact on taxpayers, and e-filing will only help. Talk with your tax professional about whether e-filing makes sense for you this year.

Dave has owned and operated Elite Accounting since 2008, adding the payroll service in 2011 and tax services in 2011. He's also an IRS Enrolled Agent, so he can help businesses and individuals with more serious tax matters, too. If you'd like to set up a consultation to learn how he can help you or your business, simply call 208-825-1641 or fill out this form.

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