Twin Falls had a couple of drive in movie theaters in the past, but no more. So, we started to wonder if Idaho had any drive in theaters left. We found 6.

We googled Idaho drive in theaters, admittedly we may have missed some but the ones we have are:

1.) The Terrace Theater in Caldwell.

2.) The Parma Motor-Vu in Parma.

3.) The Spud Drive In in Teton Valley

4.) Teton Vu Drive In in Rexburg

5.) Sunset Auto Vu in Grangeville

6.) Idah-Han Drive In in  Soda Springs

It is kind of sad that the drive in movie theaters are becoming a thing of the past. There was nothing better than smuggling food and friends in a car and watching the latest movies. These theaters are even staying relevant and showing up to date movies like Ant Man and the Wasp and Incredibles 2.

Would you still go to a drive in? Do you know any more that we missed?

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