I love the holidays. It is my favorite time of year. It may only be September but it feels like stores and even some homes are going full force into the holidays. I am not mad at it, but are all the holidays starting to just run together?

I have heard so many people complain that it is too early for Halloween, it is too early for pumpkin spice and fall colors. I mean if you go by the temperatures, September is basically fall.

If you get the chance to walk through Costco, Hobby Lobby and other retailers, they are already selling Christmas stuff. At Costco you can get a Halloween costume, a new table runner for your Thanksgiving dinner and a brand new Christmas tree at the same time. Are the holidays losing their individuality?

If people want to celebrate Halloween in July I really don't mind. Whatever gives people their bit of joy in this world is fine by me. But for those who may not be ready or wanting to celebrate Christmas in September, is it changing the way you view the holidays? Does the individual holiday get overlooked because we are constantly looking forward to the next one?

Again, I love the holidays. But part of me thinks each holiday is just blending into the next one and rather than celebrating Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, the holidays are just turning into HallowThanksMas. I am not sure Christmas and decorations would be as special if they were up and able to be seen every single day.

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