This is especially for those who don't work the regular 9 to 5. It seems that some traffic lights are either timed and take too long to change or just ignore you sitting there.

The light at the corner of Washington and Cheney by Walmart is a perfect example. During normal business hours, the light seems to run perfectly fine, but if you are trying to get through before 5 a.m. good luck. I have seen people get tired of waiting and just run through the red light.

For a while it was the same way at Fall and Blue Lakes, especially if the weather was bad. At 3 a.m. without another vehicle in sight, the light would stay red; seemingly forever. Maybe they should adopt the Downtown Twin Falls strategy of making the lights flash and turn them in to a four way stop.

Now it may have only been a few minutes, but that early in the morning when you are the only one on the road, it is that much more frustrating. Are there any other lights that you have had troubles with?


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