Idahoans can relate to this one. Two men were trying to get an antelope free of barbed wire that it got caught up in, only to have their good deed ends with punishment. At least everyone had a good laugh about it.

Antelope Stuck In Barbed Wire Gets Rescued

These two men see this antelope stuck on its back with its legs wrapped up in barbed wire. Honestly, thankfully these men were there to help. The men calmly go over toward the antelope. One steps on the prongs to make sure no one gets mauled by them, and they cut the little guy loose. However, in the excitement of being free, the antelope takes off with one of the men's shoe.


Antelope Takes Off With Shoe

That is hilarious. I can't believe how perfectly the shoe fits on top of the antelope's head. And there is no getting it back. Once those creatures take off running, they seem to never stop. They can run for miles without stopping. And I bet that is exactly what it did after the video ended.

At least everyone had a good laugh about it. They were truly heroes helping out this guy. There are lots of videos of animals getting stuck in barbed wire and people having to cut them free. I think this is the only one though that has backfired in the form of theft and being one shoe less.

I imagine this took place in Wyoming since that is the location of the people in the video. I could see this happening in Idaho easily though.

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