A hip video featuring Mr. Rogers using autotune has been circulating the 'Net and I finally broke down and watched it. I'm so glad I did. Sure the autotune is kind of silly, but the song is everything that made Mr. Rogers great.

Kids of my generation grew up with 'Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.' He was one of regular fixtures on my television along with 'Sesame Street,' and 'Captain Kangaroo.' Mr. Rogers taught us to be curious, to regularly visit the Land of Make Believe, to be kind, and to be good to ourselves and others. I think he made a whole generation better.

Fred Rogers passed away in 2003 and children's television hasn't been the same since. This is a great retrospective tribute to a man who gave so much to so many kids around the world.

Plus the song is pretty catchy. Don't be alarmed if it gets stuck in your head. You can purchase it and others at PBS Remixed.