You may not like him but Ammon Bundy has some show business skills.  Consider his expected official announcement for Governor of Idaho.  It’s scheduled for Saturday, the 19th of June.  The site is Julius M. Kleiner Memorial Park in Meridian.  Where one of the largest cookouts of summer will take place.  Featuring Bundy Beef and the patriarch of the family, author and rancher Cliven Bundy. 

he told a reporter at NBC he would never be a Democrat

I guess Bundy won’t be seeking the vegan vote.  Although, I can’t imagine any vegans I know are in his political orbit.  Then, I really don’t know many vegans.

Bundy will be one of the biggest names entering the ring.  Primary Day is next May.  Ed Humphries, an entrepreneur has already filed as a Republican.  Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin did the same.  Governor Brad Little is expected to seek another term.  There are a handful of lesser known names who’ve also filed as Republicans.

As of two weeks ago, Bundy wasn’t registered to vote in Idaho.  When asked about his pursuit of the Republican nomination, he told a reporter at NBC he would never be a Democrat.

Since then, the state Republican Party has moved to distance itself from the controversial activist.  State GOP Chairman Tom Luna stated late last week Bundy doesn’t share Republican values.

Bundy does have an ability as a political newcomer some others lack.  Like him or not, he has name recognition and an ability to raise money.  His People’s Rights organization is currently enmeshed in arguments over water rights for western ranchers.


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