I'm not flying anywhere if it's not an emergency at this point during the pandemic. I have overdone visits to Texas I can't and there won't be Thanksgiving travels this year.

That doesn't mean you won't love this. I have a friend Kat that finds a special discount on every flight she takes. Allegiant Air just added 15 new non-stop locations at a cool $49.

You can call it a pandemic sale or just a celebration of the new options Allegiant Air added from Boise. The coronavirus has definitely impacted the airline industry and USA Today is reporting that Allegiant Air gets more people flying to leisure locations than a business hot spot. Maybe flying to Los Angeles is harder and killing costs. Allegiant Air just added Orange County, California. We also have a ton of people that will fly to Spokane, Washington. I lived in Spokane for years and we continue to see the California transplants.

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We are continuing to expand Allegiant's network to provide customers with even more convenient, nonstop options for any travel occasion.

That is from Drew Wells, Allegiant vice president of planning and revenue. Allegiant is offering discounts as a celebration to their new travel locations with some pretty reasonable rates. Some of these fares come in at $39 and $49 one-way. I mean if you're getting tired of staying inside and want to fly out to Orange County for the weekend it might cost you under $100 total.

Some of these sale prices will end this year and the first flights will begin in February 2021. Check the link for more.


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