It wasn't hard to see this coming if you've been following all the news coverage and TV specials covering the disappearance and deaths of two young Idaho kids. Tylee Ryan and JJ Vallow were first reported as missing in September of 2019, not long after their mother, Lori Vallow, had married Chad Daybell. The bodies of the two children were later found buried on property owned by Chad Daybell in Idaho. Now, prosecutors have announced that they plan to seek the death penalty for Daybell.

Prosecutors Looking At Death Penalty For Chad Daybell

On Thursday, prosecutors announced their plans for seeking the death penalty for Chad Daybell. They cited a number of reason why his case merits the death penalty including: Murder for monetary gain, heinous acts, disregard for human life, and that he will 'probably constitute a continuing threat to society' according to a report from East Idaho News. You can see their full report on the story in the video below.

The case against Lori Vallow has been paused as a mental health expert found her not competent to stand trial.

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