There are so many fires burning around the area and the smoke is causing unhealthy conditions for Idaho. According to several sources, the air quality in Twin Falls has reached the "unhealthy" level.

There are several levels of concern of air quality. Today, Twin Falls has reached the "red" mark as "unhealthy". That means children, older adults and those with respiratory issues like asthma and COPD should not do heavy exertion or be outside for prolonged periods of time.

If you are a healthy adult with no respiratory issues you should still reduce the amount of time you spend outside because the smoke can cause issues with lungs and your heart. Mostly it can make you uncomfortable and give allergy like symptoms.

The conditions are supposed to get better as time goes on but conditions will still be smokey and hazy likely still being a problem for those with underlying health conditions.

According to sources as well night time inversion can trap smoke closer to the surface and make breathing conditions worse. It is recommended that at night you don't sleep with your windows open and keep doors shut. They also recommend that if you don't already have them to get high efficiency filters in your air conditioner to help fresh air intake. Stage 1 fire restrictions are also officially in effect for the area.

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